The First Annual Chuck Kinder Honorary Chapbook Prize


We are not currently accepting submissions.

Corgi Snorkel is proud to announce the first annual Chuck Kinder Honorary Chapbook Prize! From October 8th to December 15th, we’ll be opening up our submissions to your finest prose chapbooks. The winner will be published in August 2014 as our fifth chapbook.

But why Chuck Kinder? Do you know Chuck Kinder? How about this Chuck Kinder? Maybe this one? Chuck Kinder’s a writer who represents exactly what we’re trying to do with Corgi Snorkel. The man is dedicated to writing one kick-ass sentence after another, but he never forgets to have a little fun and wink at the reader. There’s a joyfulness in his prose, and the chapbook that wins this prize will share that same quality of manic glee. A brief aside. Once, during a drunken romp, Chuck Kinder took Corgi Snorkel Co-Founder Sal Pane aside and asked him what his novel was about. Sal rambled on and on about an early draft and Chuck just nodded before finally saying, “Needs more kung fu.” The chapbook we’re looking for is filled to overflowing with kung fu.

To submit, we’re asking for a $5 entry fee to help with publishing costs and a few other Corgi Snorkel projects we have rolling down the pike.

Click here to pay the contest fee.

Once that’s out of the way, send us your best prose chapbooks between 4,500 and 5,500 words. Chuck isn’t reading the entries (we are!), but you can be damn sure he’ll get a copy of the winner and pimp that shit from here to the moon and back. And what do you get if you win? The full Corgi Snorkel treatment. That means handmade chapbooks! That means standard chapbooks! That means audiobooks! That means inclusion in our ever-expanding #CorgiClique. What else could you even want from this life?

To reiterate, pay the contest fee here, then send us your chapbook here. We can’t wait to read them. Chuck Kinder fanfiction isn’t required, but it sure isn’t discouraged either.

Kinder Painting by Coral Staley


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